Infinite Sean Strickland Theorem Proven True With Actual Good Point

Damn, that dude who sucks sure is right on this one.

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Proving a long hypothesized scientific theorem that an infinite number of Sean Stricklands posting an infinite number of tweets will eventually make a good point, the UFC middleweight recently turned his scattershot approach to saying whatever comes to his mind to good use in calling out questionable coach and student relationships in mixed martial arts. Strickland, a man who performatively flushes his toilet by hand instead of doing a quick and inexpensive fix, made the astute observation that relationships like those between Rose Namajunas and Pat Barry, which the two have described as starting when a 30-year-old Barry browbeat a high school-aged Namajunas into dating him, are really creepy and messed up.

By making the female fighters the butt of his jokes and laughing about, by his own reckoning, an extremely serious and disturbing situation, the tweet also proved the Infinite Asshole Theorem, which states that even when correct, Strickland is such an asshole he will still find a way to come off badly while doing so.

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