Well, Somebody Is Going to Have to Say Something to Him Before the Main Event

And, looking at this here seniority chart, it’s not gonna be me.

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Hey, thanks for coming backstage for this. So, I’m assuming you heard it, too, in the opening bout announcement. Yeah, “An-drah-zhe.” So, the thing is, we can’t have him doing that for the main event when she’s in the cage, now, can we? It’s not a good look to have the official announcer seemingly not even interested in learning how to pronounce a former champion in the main event’s name. No, I’m not sure if he’s wrong or we are. I am sure that everyone else on all of our broadcasts has said it the other way, though, so he IS wrong, now. And someone needs to tell him that. Someone in this room. Who is not me. If you follow.


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