Re-Correction: We Definitely Should Have Known There’d Be Pictures

We have fire-cleansed the newsroom as penance.

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Having already once previously issued a retraction to our reporting on the funniest possible outcome of the Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington beef, the last thing we wanted as an organization was to be back here offering a further correction to our previous reporting. Unfortunately, the high journalistic standards to which we hold ourselves here at Mixed Martial Artish demand that we acknowledge that, in fact, releasing of evidence submitted to the court has made this situation funnier. From the sad look on Covington’s moderately damaged face to the teenage bully approach to a legal document taken by Masvidal’s probably-a-garbage-person attorney, the proceedings around the alleged assaults have indeed reached a new level of hilarity.

As a show a faith to our readership, and a display of our ability to learn from our mistakes when given a third opportunity, we are no longer willing to declare this the funniest the situation will get, as we remain aware of the highly-probable possibility that the release of video from the incident will help the interaction reach a new level of funny in the weeks ahead.

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