Latest Unwitting Cries for Help Do Solid Traffic for Blogs

We are in the repackaging red flags as content business. And business? That shit is booming to an alarming degree.

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It’s a boom market in the content aggregation game as UFC middleweight Sean Strickland has a Twitter account and he knows how to use it. Cranking out alarming content which we can snip, throw over a graphic and make into a headline has become second nature for Strickland, sometimes dropping multiple blog-worthy quotes of a man in clear need of mental health support in the same day. From advocating for an archaic and self-harming definition of masculinity to asking how normal people get by in their lives without the opportunity to vent their building violent urges on teammates in a tweet which would have any caring coach keeping him off the mats until he addresses that, Strickland has become a virtual unending tap of concerning words we can avoid thinking too hard about in favor of instead scoring a few thousand clicks. Some MMA bloggers have expressed concern that blogs might suffer should Strickland ever receive the help he very clearly needs, but fortunately, signs indicate no substantial risk of this occurring as those in his life appear to have either little interest in or capability of helping him find it.

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