Bored Dana White Bets Self He Can Just Say It Plainly Without Consequence

Apparently he WAS actually trying before.

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Having decided that even the thin veneer of respectability and deniability he has exhibited to date was itself superfluous, Dana White has sought to disrupt the tedium of his position by just coming right out and saying that, actually, his underpaid fighters probably make too much money. Appearing on sports radio the UFC president rejected claims of poor fighter pay by saying boxers earn too much and the UFC’s not out here trying to build a roster full of fighters who can afford luxurious things like providing for themselves and their families while fighting in the world’s premier organization for their sport. The comment is expected to have zero impact on the majority of mixed martial arts fans, however, in light of the interview White has risen to first place in the Nevada Republican Senate primary despite not formally entering the race.

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