Punch Flies in Massive Backstage Brawl Following Strawweight Title Fight

The brutality didn’t stop in the cage.

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Following a historically horrific display of violence inside the cage of their UFC Strawweight Title Fight, Carla Esparza, Rose Namajunas and their teams kept the fight going if sources inside the arena are to be believed. After an exchange of words inside the tunnel, it’s reported that the teams took part in a full-corner brawl which lasted throughout the main event and several minutes into the post-event press conference. The fight reached its most heated point as the crowd’s roar for the conclusion of the main event triggered Esparza to engage and throw the first strike. Ultimately, cooler heads prevailed as the strike traveled well wide of Namajunas, instead landing on Pat Barry, who boasts of falling in love with Rose at first sight when she was in high school then spending two years beating down her resistance until she was finally willing to date a man in his 30’s, and following several more tense minutes of feints and circling everyone agreed that was the best possible resolution.

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