Chaos Reigns as Nobody Sure Who Best Lightweight Is

Simply no way of knowing who is #1.

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The UFC’s Lightweight division has fallen into disarray as fans and fighters alike struggle to identify just who is the man to beat following the scale-related stripping of Charles Oliveira. On the one hand, the former champion scored yet another quick finish against one of the elites of the division by dropping then submitting #1 contender Justin Gaethje, whose only losses in the last four years are to Oliveira and divisional-GOAT Khabib Nurmagomedov.

On the other hand, his weight the day prior was 155.5 lbs., placing it in the one-pound range of weights which pose no unfair advantage in a lightweight bout, but represent intolerable cheating in a lightweight title bout, a rule which makes perfect sense and renders his efforts inside the cage null and void. In light of this development, and the sacred trust placed in Mixed Martial Artish as a contributor to the media-driven divisional rankings, we feel it is only prudent to publicly disclose our latest ballot will be topped by Melvin Guillard, because he punches very hard, and that is beneficial in a division as wide open and chaotic as this.

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