Seven Questions With: UFC Lightishweight Champion Charles Oliveira

Get to know former UFC Lightweight Champion Charles Oliveira

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The world of mixed martial arts is big and full of personalities, and we here at Mixed Martial Artish know that it can be hard to follow and stay on top of everyone you should know. That’s why a year ago we began our Ten* Questions series, where we sit down with the biggest names in the sport and ask them the kind of hard-hitting questions fans want to hear to help you truly understand what makes these elite athletes who they are. Today we are pleased to release our second post, as we make steady progress through the entire UFC roster at our own pace.

Mixed Martial Artish: Greetings, Charles, it’s a privilege to have you with us today. How are you feeling after such an eventful weekend?

Charles Oliveira: (Note, Mr. Oliveira requested the use of the UFC’s in-ring translator to allow him to speak freely and precisely in his natural tongue. For example. Oliveira responded for several minutes to this first question, which the translator then relayed to us. All comments from Mr. Oliveira are transcribed through this method.) It felt good. I am happy to have won the fight.

MMAish: I’d imagine so. Did it take any shine off the experience to not leave the cage as champion, despite entering it as such and winning the bout decisively?

Charles Oliveira: Of course not. I committed a very grievous sin and it makes perfect sense to me that I would be stripped of my title for weighing in within the designated one-pound allowance available for non-title fights, or for legends of the sport like Georges St. Pierre and Al Iaquinta.

MMAish: So, the elephant in the room, what happened with weigh-ins?

Charles Oliveira: Everything was going great and I was almost down to 155 lbs. but then there was an issue with a spider on the sauna door and I was unable to continue my cut any further.

MMAish: So you’re saying a spider is to blame for your missed weight?

Charles Oliveira: Oh, yes. There were false reports about a scale, but in actuality I was simply unable to continue cutting due to an act of nature.

MMAish: I take it you are afraid of spiders?

Charles Oliveira: I mean, have you seen his Muay Thai in his prime? Who wouldn’t be? No, but seriously. Deathly so. They have so many legs. Why eight? That is entirely too many legs.

MMAish: Interesting. Getting back on the topic of the fights, there have been criticisms of you in the past that you are a quitter and that never leaves a person. Does that bother you?

Charles Oliveira: (The translator was forced to apologize as Mr. Oliveira accidentally knocked his UFC title off the desk while responding and the noise drowned out his response over the Zoom call.)

MMAish: Well said, presumably. Okay, Charles, I think we have taken up enough of your time, thanks for joining us. Do you have anything else you’d like to add for the fans?

Charles Oliveira: The Lightishweight division has a champion, and his name is Charles Oliveira!

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