Don’t You Dare Kink Shame Michael Chandler Just Because He’s a Filthy, Worthless Financial Submissive

He is nothing, and that’s not your place to judge or care.

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If you’re one of those MMA fans who thinks that Michael Chandler’s flagrant simping for Dana White is embarrassing, you can keep that opinion to yourself you kink-shaming turds. Just because Chandler likes it when Daddy Dana goes wrist deep inside of his wallet to take whatever he pleases and Chandler thanks him for it doesn’t mean he should be the subject of ridicule. Here at Mixed Martial Artish, we believe in a world that is tolerant of all kinks, perversions and sexual persuasions between consenting adults and if Mr. Chandler wants to get his kicks by groveling at the feet of his billionaire overlords because he can’t get off if he’s not being told how disgusting he is and how much he deserves to be so much poorer, who are you to judge? We should all be so lucky as to have a sub so concerned with the quality of our sleep.

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