Announcing Our FREE Turtle-Position Seminar for Law Enforcement Officers

A tighter ball is a smaller target.

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After yet another school shooting which tragically left police officers scared for their lives with only their body armor, vehicles and several layers of walls and doors between themselves and the gunman as he fired upon the children inside, Mixed Martial Artish is stepping up to the plate to provide our police forces with the training they need to execute better during these dangerous situations. Too many officers are forced to head out on the street without any formal training in the turtle position, resulting in poor technique which can prevent the officer from achieving as small a ball as possible behind their cruiser, leaving them vulnerable to any bullets which miss the children and exit the school through a window. We will also provide officers with exercises they can do at home to increase their turtle-position stamina, as America’s easy access to ammunition means shootings can last for upwards of an hour, so it’s important to have the stamina to stay balled-up and defensive for the long haul. The seminar is free to attend for all law enforcement professionals, and will also include supplementary training on the best holds to use when restraining parents who try to enter the facility and protect their children.

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