It’s Hard for People to Deny Our 27 Years of Flawless MMA Coverage

It is clear our unblemished record makes us the MMA news GOAT.

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As we look out on the landscape of mixed martial arts coverage and read conversations about who some of the greatest to ever cover the sport truly are, we can’t help but reflect back on our 15,000-0 record of creating perfect mixed martial arts content over the last 27 years and feel a real sense of pride. Although our clearly-flawless run of posts on this blog only extends back to early 2021, that fails to account for the near innumerable pieces of perfect content we’ve provided across the full range of story types, including news, opinion, features and predictions prior to launching this iteration. Every day for decades we saw multiple new pieces of information in the mixed martial arts world emerge and covered them with impeccable clarity and quality in text, video and audio formats. We hosted hundreds of writing workshops and outworked all of our students on writing prompts upon their conclusion. Because we cannot ever truly know the total number of unassailable pieces lost to the ravages of time, we gracefully undercount the extent of our greatness with our 15,000 claim, and we strongly refute any accusations that we ducked the opportunity to square off with the famous Japanese media critic who took down so many members of our mixed martial arts media family. It is with great humility and tact that we accept our title as the greatest MMA media site to ever do the thing.

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