Mandate Madness? Now You Need a Vaccine Just to Carry a Laminated Card

The nurse noted an excess of whine.

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Bill Gates and the global not-dying-from-preventable-illnesses elite are at it again, closing off even more opportunities to those who refuse their tyrannical implorations to take a safe and effective vaccine for the health of themselves and others. UFC Middle*weight Paulo Costa found out the hard way just how far these extremists are willing to go. Costa was prevented from leaving a vaccination center with a filled-out vaccination card just because he refused to be vaccinated first. Outrageous. Fortunately, the professional fighter was able to beat back the nurse, landing an elbow to her jaw and escaping, but not before the vile healthcare professional confiscated his vaccination card. Wake up sheeple. How far do they have to go before you see that it’s too far?

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