MMA Fans Refute Slamming Hottie’s Baseless Complaints of Disrespect

Pictured: A red carpet photo, which is presumably a standard editorial choice when covering a professional broadcaster.

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After popular mixed martial arts site MMA Junkie aggregated quotes from UFC broadcaster Laura Sanko discussing the challenges and disrespect she faces as a conventionally attractive woman in a sport still presented with a strong male gaze, MMA fans in the comments took sharp exception to the certified dime’s claims that her looks are often used by those in MMA to diminish her qualifications. Pushing back on her assertion that, as a former fighter herself who has worked her way up through increasingly prominent roles, she is a serious media professional, fans noted that, actually, it’s obvious she only got her job because she is attractive, as opposed to her male counterparts who are trusted voices on mixed martial arts due to their previous experience as fighters. They also noted that if she wanted to be taken seriously, she wouldn’t present yourself as such a THOT all the time, which Mixed Martial Artish has confirmed by visiting Sanko’s Instagram account and confirming that within her last 50 posts there was one in which she wore a sports bra while working out, so she’s clearly basically begging to be objectified.

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