Irrational Demands to Compensate Fighters Drive White From Boxing for Good

Can’t risk your own fighters being able to afford the same tickets as you.

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UFC president Dana White has put his lifelong dreams of boxing promotion on the shelf for good, citing the unfair demands of athletes within the sport requiring that their promoters pay them fairly for their bouts. Noting that boxing, a sport which routinely draws the attention of top mixed martial arts fighters looking for the opportunity to receive several magnitudes higher compensation than they do within their UFC contracts, had no reasonable pathway forward to attain a revenue split more inline with the UFC’s numbers, White labeled the sport fundamentally broken and put to rest any future discussion of the UFC dipping its toes in the boxing waters. Instead, White is excited to keep moving forward with the world’s number one mixed martial arts promotion without any pesky government regulations demanding unreasonable concessions like paying the combatants risking their own bodies and brains more than two dimes on the dollar for their efforts.

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