Man Heroically Does Job at Just 17th Time of Asking

Enshrine this performance in the UFC Hall of Fame.

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Referee Chris Tognoni received strong praise from both the UFC commentary team and victorious fighter Joe Solecki after he required fewer than two dozen toes-in-the-fence infractions by Alex Da Silva before penalizing the Brazilian fighter. Broadcasters were quick to note the excellent work by Tognoni as he issued a point deduction after a seemingly endless chain of fence grabs by Da Silva’s feet, and praised his decision to do so without resetting the position and benefiting Da Silva, a move which showed how easily the referee might have made a similar intervention following one of the previous infractions or the ten that followed them.

Solecki also offered support for Tognoni’s work, noting that the referee required only seven or eight glove grabs by Da Silva before taking action against the illegal maneuver for which Da Silva received no official punishment.

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