Oh, Bless His Heart, He’s Genuinely Surprised

What a lovely world his understanding of the MMA community lives within.

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A moment of thought for sweet, innocent Jeff Molina, who seemed to be truly caught off guard by the homophobic reaction to his decision to support the LGBTQ+ community during fight week at this past weekend’s UFC event. Molina, who sported gear from the UFC’s take on  sanitized corporate pandering throughout fight week, appears to have done so out of nothing more than a genuine desire to show his support for a disenfranchised group while also believing that the fact that it was merely an expression of baseline decency would spare him from the wrath of the MMA community. Asked for comment on why they thought Molina would choose to make a basic acknowledgment of the validity of those within the community, the majority of fans responded that they didn’t know, but dude was probably gay as hell or something.

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