“We Are Not a Misogynistic Cult,” Blue Belt Screams at Women in Comments of Post He Doesn’t Understand

Why won’t these bitches listen to him!?!?

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Blue belt Anthony Goodman unleashed a torrent of pejoratives and harsh criticisms at a group of women for insults against his Brazilian Jiu-jitsu school which they never made. After seeing the women creating a post discussing sexism and the dangers women face within the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu community, Goodman was not about to be deterred by small details such as whether his argument was accurate or whether the recipients of his vitriol had made the opposing argument or not. Seizing his opportunity, Goodman made an extremely decisive contribution to the conversation, with many readers citing his posts as being particularly telling when assessing misogyny and the existence of a circle-the-wagons mentality within the community.

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