We Promise You Do Not “Just Need to Say What You Need to Say to Promote the Fight”

(Ed – Not the right guy, fix before post)

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To the fighter whose name escapes us:

It has recently come to our attention that, through our own bad signal sending or your inability to read them correctly, you have come to the conclusion it was important to say combative things to bring hype to your pre-prelim fight. This was not necessary and we did not notice. Most of us found out about your fight when it started, if we are being honest. There is a non-zero chance Dana still doesn’t know it happened. Whatever horrible things you said about your opponent to bring about that apology were entirely unneeded and ineffectual.

We understand the confusion, as this was once a sport where the average fan could be expected to notice and where it actually mattered to the bosses if a fighter got fans noticing, but that’s a real 20-tweens kinda thing. So, I dunno, maybe don’t be a dickhead just to be a dickhead next time and then you won’t have to kick off your celebration with an apology.

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