Left Cancels Racist

The left, left, left, right out of nowhere, left and left at it again.

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Bantamweight Tony Kelley rode into UFC on ESPN 37 on a wave of self-pronounced martyr status which many ridiculed, but Kelley was proven right in the end after being violently cancelled by the left during his main card bout. Suck on that one, haters. Kelley, who doubled down on his rejection of claims he is a racist in the runup to the fight in which he then used racist taunts on Yanez, was simply unable to withstand the unrelenting pressure from the left repeatedly crashing down on him. The cancelled fighter first came on the radar of the woke mobs who don’t even like casual racism anymore when cornering his partner Andrea Lee, with Kelley’s denial leaving the public in a classic “he said, they broadcasted to an international television audience” situation.

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