Oh, Man, If Only Someone Had the Power to Make This Happen

Oh, sugar, why is the universe preventing this?

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Did you hear that Nate Diaz wants to fight Jake Paul in a bout that would no-doubt net him a significant payday? That sounds like a really nice fit and I’d just love to see it but, unfortunately, it seems like Nate is in some kind of contract quagmire right now that means he can’t do it. As a fan of this fight, I just wish there was someway it could happen, like if his current promoter allowed him to fight the final bout on his contract he’s been shouting about all year, or just let him out entirely. Then Nate would be free to get paid, and I would get to see this fight I seriously and genuinely am interested in watching and am not just using as a cheap shot to denigrate one of the few fighters in organizational history with a proven track record of standing up for his own rights and getting paid despite the UFC’s best efforts. Ugh, so unlucky!

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