We Understand Nate Is Upset But Why Does He Have to Be So Confrontational?

When in mixed martial arts history has agitation gotten more results than doing what you’re told and making them pay when you get to the Octagon?

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Here at Mixed Martial Artish, we are big fans of Nate Diaz and fully support him in his efforts to exorcise his rights as an independent contractor to seek better professional opportunities, but why does he always have to be so aggressive in his responses? Listen, we totally agree that the contracts the UFC makes fighters sign are fully out of line and overly restrictive, but also, is that any reason for cursing and name calling? Ever heard of going high when they go low?

There are procedures in place, after all. If Nate wants to go into boxing, all he has to do is fight out the contract he is on, and any additional contracts the UFC requires him to sign in order to offer the fights remaining on his current deal, and eventually when he’s no longer of use to the UFC he’ll be free to fight whoever he wants in whatever he wants. At an absolute worst-case scenario, Francis Ngannou has shown how Nate can be free in as little as five years from the date of his last contract! And yet he still insists on being the squeaky wheel at a time when men like Colby Covington are able to get several big fights simply by giving the UFC whatever they wanted, like no PPV points, then thanking them for it? This is the kind of radical fighter behavior that drives fans to support Dana White.

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