BJJ Team Takes Bold Stance Against Predator After He Changes Association

If he had any loyalty he’d still be harassing at his HOME gym.

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With news breaking of the inappropriate behavior by former teammate Jared Adams, prominent members of Team Atomic Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu have shared their strong opposition to the actions of their former teammate now that he is doing what he has always done at a new school. Adams, a two-time world champion and frequent subject of concerned conversation in a private chat created by a group of women at Team Atomic, has been accused of making unwelcome advances and leveraging his esteem into pressuring women at his new gym into unwanted sexual interactions.

“I’m not surprised,” commented Team Atomic black belt Dom Douglass, who once helped to keep an Atomic student from coming forward with an accusation against Adams during his time at the gym. “This dude is just a total scumbag and we’ve been trying to tell you that for a year now!”

Adams, who left Team Atomic for what he described as a search for a “tougher room” to reach his full potential, denied all seven accusations against him and cautioned critics at his old gym to “remember what [he] knows before running [their] fucking mouths.”

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