Jake Shields Takes Shots at It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: “Go Woke, Go Broke”

What, so now we’re NOT supposed to agree with the gang?

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Kage Kombat veteran Jake Shields lashed out on Twitter today at the perceived wokification of popular comedy series It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, accusing the show of an unprecedented turn into leftism in recent seasons. Shields criticized the creators and stars of the show for their liberal elitism robbing the show of its apolitical roots, and said that fans would turn away from the program now that it was no longer steering clear of any political stances like it did when airing episodes on racism, abortion and gun control in its first season.

“Just watched the last season of Sunny on Hulu and it’s woke as hell,” Shields tweeted. “I used to watch it and not see anything political going on, just some really cool people doing awesome things you could cheer for, but now they’re saying global warming is real, vaccinations are good and supporting their friend in coming out. Last I checked, entertainment is supposed to be totally free of any politics.”

Shields also retweeted fans expressing their own criticism of this unforeseeable shift in politics, mocked creators for social media posts expressing support for disenfranchised groups and noted that this is why nobody is watching it anymore. The show is currently slated to return for its 16th season later this year, with a further two seasons already purchased, making it the longest running live-action comedy in American TV history.

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