Father of Gold Medal-Winner Stewing Over That Time His Daughter Briefly Lost Half-Guard

Not out here trying to live through anyone who isn’t perfect.

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Fred Grey’s Toyota Corolla entered its 27th minute of silence as Fred seethed over the moment an hour prior where his daughter Tiffany, 13, briefly lost half-guard in the final match of her Advanced No-Gi tournament. Tiffany, who won the match as well as her Gi division to continue her perfect record in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competition, lost control while attempting to set-up a sweep and was forced to resort to her backup plan, securing an inverted triangle from bottom-side to elicit the tap. Three-stripe white belt Fred became visibly upset at the error, turning away in frustration and not turning around before Tiffany had secured the winning submission.

At press time, Fred was reported to have just taken a deep breath, turned to Tiffany and said, “So…”

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