Pride DVDs About to Blow Friend’s Mind

Shh, shh, nobody tell him.

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Wrestling fan and recent MMA convert John Kendrick just borrowed his friend Maddie Horne’s PRIDE FC DVDs and is currently entirely unaware that his MMA fandom will be one he comes to view as two eras, pre- and post-PRIDE. Kendrick was hesitant to take the DVDs, due to his belief that checking out the weekly offering from the UFC each week is all he needs to the see the sport at its best and most-entertaining, noting that the other week Israel Adesanya even did a pretty cool walkout, which just shows how creative and unique the UFC lets its fighters be. Kendrick plans to start with PRIDE 33, because it took place in North America which is apparently rare for PRIDE, and that’s pretty neat, but is keeping his expectations low since it’s unlikely an event from 15 years ago could hope to be as entertaining as today.

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