Re-Re-Correction: There Is Now 911 Call Audio of Colby’s Cop Friend

The offending reporter shall be drawn and quartered.

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As a journalistic institution of unmatched renown and standards, it never feels good to get a story wrong once, let alone a second and third time. Unfortunately, we once again find ourselves forced to admit we have failed by reporting that the Jorge Masvidal-Colby Covington feud had reached peak hilarity with the release of pictures of a sad, broken-toothed Covington. Having now had the opportunity to listen to the audio of Covington’s friend, an off-duty police officer originally identified as a coach, making a call to report the assault and requesting “a bunch” of cars to arrive on the scene under the most-urgent response level, we must admit this has gotten funnier. We had also failed to consider how funny it would be to continue to hear Covington’s name redacted in an effort to protect the victim’s identity, or to learn Covington was hanging out with an off-duty cop who did nothing to stop the assault or capture Masvidal at the scene before requesting a whole squad of backup for an unarmed man who had fled the scene.

The entire news room has been liquidated and their electronic devices confiscated and destroyed in front of them for this error.

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