UFC Fighters Shocked to Learn for 74th Time That Sean Shelby Kind of an Asshole

“I can’t believe they did the thing they’ve done dozens of times!”

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With the recent seemingly-homicide-adjacent booking of Khamzat Chimaev and Nate Diaz, many fighters have spoken out on the apparent shittiness of offering Diaz this fight after months of allegedly stringing him along to try to coax another contract extension from the popular fighter, blindsided by the UFC and matchmaker Sean Shelby’s decision to do the thing they routinely do to stars leaving the promotion. Fighters expressed their outrage at the booking, and that the offer bordered on disrespectful, something they would never expect the UFC or its representatives to be about one of their fighters. The UFC combatants followed their angry tweets with insults aimed at the latest young star in their respective divisions for refusing to fight an established contender while still on their entry-level contract.

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