Former UFC Bantamweight Champion Calls for Death of Julianna Peña

Madam, where is your sense of decency!?

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If you watched UFC 277 and found yourself thankful at the final bell that Julianna Peña had somehow remained a part of this mortal realm, not so fast, at least if one former champion has her say. Despite the extremely apparent and near guaranteed harm that an additional pass through the Octagon with the woman who just battered her to the tune of three 10-8’s scored would provide, former Bantamweight Champion Julianna Peña called for just that. Citing the tie-score of the two fighters’ series, the former champion called for a rubber match between Peña and current UFC Bantamweight Amanda Nunes. No one is sure what sparked the beef that would make the former champion want to see Peña go through that again, and it is widely wondered if perhaps a vacation and a tune up wouldn’t be half bad if you think about it.

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