MMA Journalist Working Overtime to Find Perfect Bikini Picture for Fight Announcement Header

He just respects her too much to not choose a pretty picture.

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MMAAddict journalist Tom Maroney, 57, was forced to cancel plans Monday night after the UFC announced a bout between two ranked competitors in the strawweight division, due to his inability to find a suitable image of one of the fighters in a bikini to place atop the article. Although Maroney knew that the late change would cause problems, both with his wife and the friends he was to have dinner with, his responsibilities to his work have always come first in his life. After several hours of scouring the Instagram of the more conventionally attractive fighter, Maroney finally found just the right shot of the mixed martial artist, 25, flexing on the beach on her honeymoon. Ever the true professional, Maroney magnified the impact of his work by also compiling the rejected options, a dozen weigh-in pictures and two fight night shots of the former champion’s successful title fight into a “Throughout Her Career” slideshow.

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