“You’ve Got to Try It, Bro,” Says Friend Who Used to Be Able to Raise Both Hands

It’s just, like, a life changing experience, ya know?

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Your friend, recently a spry and able bodied youth whose joints now release a series of loud clicks when walking, was effusive of his praise for his favorite martial art over drinks this weekend. Citing the positive effect it has had on his life, your friend spoke reverently of the sport which has left him with a minor but undeniable hitch in his step after five years of training. “It’s just amazing learning about the limits of your body and how you can persevere beyond them with enough practice!” Your friend reiterated how much they think it would benefit you at the end of the night, standing up from his stool with an audible groan to says his goodbyes to the group before adding, “just think about it, dude.”

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