Bum-Ass Casual Didn’t Even Watch XFCE 3

I hope “seeing her first step” is solace when you don’t even recognize the next UFC curtain jerkers.

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This may be hard to believe, but your friend Anthony didn’t even watch a single second of Xtreme Fighting Championships Extreme 3 on Wednesday night, missing the entire event, from the opening amateur bout between Jake Mayfield (0-1 XFCE, 2-7 MMA) and Karl Torano (1-2 XFCE, 1-2 MMA), which Torano won by unanimous decision, to the main event where Adam Arrieta (1-0 XFCE, 6-5 MMA) won a grinding decision over Michael Wilson (1-1 XFCE, 1-2 MMA) to claim the XFCE Advanced Amateur Super Welterweight Title. Detailed reporting by Mixed Martial Artish staff also revealed that Anthony did not see CFC 17, AFMMAC 32 or MFX 12 earlier in the day. While Anthony claims to have no regrets, we can exclusively report that he had no good reason for avoiding the fights, having instead wasted his time picking up his daughter from daycare and preparing dinner for the family.

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