Blue Belt Who Once Got Bronze at NAGA After Getting Dumped Critical of Felipe Pena’s Performance

“Either you’ve got heart or you don’t.”

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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu blue belt Brant Whitley tore into professional grappler Felipe Pena after the latter’s verbal submission against Gordon Ryan at “Who’s Number One?” this weekend. Noting that, if Pena was really upset about the murder of his friend Leandro Lo earlier that day, he wouldn’t have tried to change the format, sought an increase in compensation or engaged in trash talk with Ryan early in the match. Whitley cited as proof that none of those actions are things Whitley would personally do in the same situation and so clearly Pena and Lo weren’t actually that close, and Pena was instead faking his sadness, since everyone famously has the exact same circumstances and processes grief the exact same way.

“Plus, bro, he’s supposed to be a professional,” Whitley said to a teammate after class Tuesday. “Remember when Chrissy broke up with me? Three weeks of bliss thrown down the drain, and less than a month later I went out there and put on a show at NAGA. Neither of my submission losses were to pressure, that’s for sure. I’m not built like that.”

Whitley also accused teammates sympathetic to Pena’s circumstance of “buying into the BS” and suggested they watch Ryan’s Instagram stories if they’re tired of being lied to and want the straight facts from a reliable source.

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