BJJ Community Demands Accountability for One Specific Cop

God, this one, singular dude just fucking sucks so hard.

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One week after the tragic execution of 8-time BJJ World Champion Leandro Lo, the BJJ community remains up in arms about the behavior of the one specific off-duty officer who murdered Lo and is also in no way representative of a broader problem in policing around the globe. Many noted that the murderer listed his roles within the military police to include defense instruction, which shows him to be a coward who resorted to weaponry despite extensive training in safer non-lethal close-quarter techniques, a failing which coaches assure themselves is unique to him and certainly not possessed by any of their law-enforcement students.

Grapplers mourned the sense of invincibility felt by the officer and the willingness to use lethal violence at a moment’s notice, stating that it would certainly be a mistake to have taught lethal techniques to an agent of the state granted near limitless freedom to use violent force against civilians at the slightest provocation if said agent also had those personal failings, which is why they are all so grateful that none of their students do and that only good things will come of teaching them strangulations and joint locks. Owners have reportedly given no thought to the idea of ending “Adopt-a-Cop” programs and replacing them with free memberships for those in vulnerable groups without the financial means to learn valuable self-defense skills, as “that’s probably not necessary anyhow when our boys on the mats are such good dudes, ya know?”

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