White Fuming as MMA Journalists Dabble in Journalism

He is sick and tired of all these scumbag journalists accurately relaying quotes he gave in curated Q&A’s recorded and posted to the internet.

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Responding to a recent Dana White “fan submitted” interview, several Mixed Martial Arts news sites have found a gap in their busy schedule posting the latest Jake Paul quotes and slideshows of female fighters in bikinis to cover comments White made about fighter pay, drawing the wrath of the UFC President. Chastising the assembled media for occasionally failing to meet his journalistic standards of full-supplication to the UFC and White’s wishes, White also proudly shared his complete lack of understanding about how journalism works by informing the assembled press that no journalist should ever write about or cover an interview they did not conduct themselves.

While it’s understandable to giggle at the idea a man is confused about a professional doing their literal job title, and very fun, too, it’s worth remembering that White is a man who considers belittling his own fighters and saying nobody wants to watch his biggest draws fight to be integral parts of his role as a fight promoter, so the logic scans more than at first blush.

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