Fight Sports One Year Later: BJJ’s Internal Reckoning Going Great!

Validating abusers’ most common deflection for comedy!

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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu superstar and world renowned comedian Craig Jones has announced his latest instructional, “False Reap Accusations.” Highlighting just how well the BJJ community’s promise to address the undercurrent of unsafe beliefs and behaviors brought to light by high profile abuse and rape accusations within major camps like Fight Sports and Renzo Gracie Academy has been going, the response has been an outpouring of support at Jones knocking one out of the park again. The series follows up on previous highly-technical jiu-jitsu instructionals released by Jones, including “LOL Gay People,” “LOL All Brown People Are the Same” and “LOL All Brown People Are the Same 2.”

As yet, Mixed Martial Artish reporters have not been able to confirm claims the series will be available as a package deal with the series by Ricardo De La Riva that BJJ Fanatics advertised last year, after De La Riva faced accusations of raping world champion Claudio Do Val, on which Fanatics repeatedly liked comments in support of the series while ignoring those questioning the propriety of the decision. We have also been unable to confirm reports that enterprising grapplers using illicit means can find these series for free with a little digging.

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