Round-Up: What to Watch This Weekend

No UFC? No Problem!

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With no UFC this weekend, eager fans are no doubt looking for an alternative option to sate them over to next week, and fortunately there’re plenty of local talents looking to put on a show around the world this weekend. Here are some of our top events to watch:


The World Series of Violence

Check out the latest action out of Chechnya as several hot prospects you should probably not google show what they can do. Stick around for the main event when Islam Nurmagomedov (27-0) puts his undefeated record on the line against Tim Davis (6-4).

Texas Cage Fighting Gladiators 17: Strump vs. Gristly

All of Texas MMA’s hottest prospects are set to throw down this weekend at TXCFG 17: Strump vs. Gristly. Cleet Vanden? You betcha. Biff Stanley? You know he’s gonna be there. Cortney McClannahan? Couldn’t keep her away. And all that leading up to the guaranteed fireworks of Dick Strump taking on Chazz Gristly!


Dana White’s Pre-Contender Challenge

Tune in to watch professional fighters throw down for the biggest prize in sports — $400 bucks, bus fare and a possible slot on Dana White’s Contender Series! DWPCC is the latest hot streaming property from the UFC. All fights will be available exclusively on the UFC’s own DWPCC Pass streaming platform, available for just $29.99 per month.

New York State Chess Championships

Well, that can’t be right. Maybe it’s an ironic name? Or like Choxing where it’s MMA and chess in shifts? Oh, no, this is definitely just an actual chess tournament. Please remove in edit.


Bare Body Sword Fighting II

The owners of Bare Body Sword Fighting Championship would like to assure fans that their settlement with the families of Bare Body Sword Fighting I’s combatants is not an admission of guilt. Unrelated to said agreement, on which they are forbidden from offering further comment, the rules officials have made the decision to require all combatants to apply a layer of tape to their blades after sharpening.

Wednesday Night Fights

Due to a leak in Muggsy Bogues Junior High School’s gym roof, these fights were forced to be rescheduled.

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