Body Snatchers Return Luke Rockhold

And what a body to return.

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Just a week after mixed martial arts fans around the world were left concerned about the clear case of pod-personning going on with former UFC Middleweight Champion Luke Rockhold on fight week of his recent bout with Paulo Costa, they can breathe a sigh of relief as Rockhold made the media rounds to assure us we had our Luke back. Citing an interview in which Rockhold claimed he smeared his own blood, which Costa had battered out of him over the course of the fight’s three rounds, all over his opponent to assert his own dominance and establish Costa as “a bitch,” fans confirmed that whatever being was previously representing itself as Rockhold had moved on.

Opinions split on whether the culprits responsible were subterranean or extraterrestrial, but everyone agreed that, right down to that vague feeling that tells you “yeah, I’m not gonna like this guy” the very instant you look at him, the Rockhold we know and know is back. Fans also expressed minimal fears of further contact, noting that, having likely been in possession of the real Rockhold during the body snatching, it was unlikely the others were overly interested in more interactions with humanity.

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