PC Run Amok As Fighters Can No Longer Openly Support Fascists Without Minority of Fanbase Being Mad

“I guess that freedom is dead, then?”

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Paulo Costa has become the latest victim of a rampant culture of victimhood and political correctness as he discovered you can’t even support a fascist, sexist, self-proclaimed “proud homophobe” president without a very small faction of mixed martial arts fans being upset and saying that means you’re not particularly cool as a person. Costa aired his grievances in interviews this week following his recent victory over Luke Rockhold, noting that fans discovering his support of Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro have responded with a flood of unfair accusations like “he can’t make weight,” or “he assaulted a nurse for trying to stop him stealing a vaccination card,” or “he said the reason he sucked in a title fight is because he got too drunk and thought that actually made it better.”

He joins fellow victims of the PC cancel mob taking over combat sports, including Gordon Ryan, last seen headlining the biggest grappling match of the year, UFC president Dana White and podcasting megastar Joe Rogan.

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