MMA News Site Develops New Interest in Covering Component Sports

Surely the start of more expansive and world-changing journalism.

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When Tai Emery (0-0 pro MMA) scored a knockout victory at a Bare Knuckle FC event this past weekend, she didn’t just take a step forward in her career, but also pushed the MMA world forward into a newfound appreciation of its component arts. Popular blog MMANewz was quick to share the footage in both an edited format on its social media and an unedited embedded tweet on its site. This represents a drastic change for the site, which faced criticism last year for ignoring stories in martial arts which reached New York Times-level prominence, claiming that they were “not a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu site, and we prefer to stick to stories relevant to our readers as a mixed martial arts news provider.”

It’s so refreshing to see a site own up to its mistakes by taking the time to shine some light on a female martial artist outside of the MMA realm. It is unclear at this time who Emery’s opponent was, the time of the knockout or what the victory improves Emery’s record to, as MMANewz’s reporting did not reveal that information.

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