Oh, Bother, It Appears There’s Been Some News on the Weekend

We regret failing to have proper contingencies in place for the events which did or did not occur.

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Well, would you look at that, it would appear that the MMA world has rudely refused to abide by the totally reasonable desire of Mixed Martial Artish staff to enjoy their weekends. Right now, you’ve likely seen something newsworthy has occurred and thought “I bet Mixed Martial Artish will have something to say about that” only to remember we only post daily from Monday to Friday, and you are, at best, two days away from hearing what hilarious and poignant observations we have about this extremely noteworthy and meme-able event. You may even, upon finding no such post, wonder about the wisdom of choosing, as the site’s two off days, the day on which most relevant fights take place and the day following it.

You may ask, “would it be that hard to just write some weekend posts? How long can one of these even take? Ten minutes? Fifteen if they have to add some of their ‘world-class’ Photoshop skills?” And while these may be good and valid points, what if, as a counterpoint, everyone in MMA would just be chill and stop doing anything cool/bad/funny/racist between our Friday post and Sunday evening. Please and thank you.

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