MMA Philosophers Announce “Jocko’s Razor” in Response to Conspiracies

When assessing the reason for an MMA story, the stupidest answer is likely correct.

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With the events of this past weekend’s UFC 279 card giving them the final data points they needed to finalize their theory, a group of MMA philosophers today announced the existence of “Jocko’s Razor,” a philosophical rule that says the stupidest explanation for why something happened in MMA is likely the correct reason. While fans look at the bedlam around the event — including a pre-prefight press conference scuffle involving three camps, a badly botched weight cut and the rearrangement of the fight card to give a more friendly send-off fight to Nate Diaz while pairing the two primary parties of the presser fracas — as clear evidence of tomfoolery to manufacture interest and manipulate pairings, the group counters that, actually, sometimes these things just happen in MMA. Instead, the group posited that the fighters got in a fight because that is the natural end result of putting the relevant parties in a small, unsupervised space together, which the UFC failed to account for because they’re the UFC, and trying is for small fish.

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