Man Enters 4th Day of Mental Duress After Agreeing With Joe Rogan

This can’t be happening.

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Terry Godwin, a Spokane cardiologist, is struggling with an extreme state of mental duress following the events of UFC 279, during which Godwin heard a Joe Rogan point with which he vociferously agreed. The troubling moment occurred during the prelims when Alateng Heili stood over his opponent Chad Anheliger, landing a series of kicks to the legs of his downed foe, only for referee Herb Dean to step in and return the fight to the feet. Rogan was apoplectic at the decision, a reaction Godwin shared with his belief that the kicks constituted meaningful offense and deserved the opportunity to continue the position or respond to Anheliger’s efforts to exit it, sending the doctor into a downward spiral from which he has not yet recovered. Friends and family of Godwin have been by his side, even finding a support group for others like him who heard Rogan say something on a broadcast and thought “fucking-a right, Joe,” in the hopes that he may one day move past this concerning event and continue his previously successful life and medical practice.

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