Dana White Accurately Labels Brandon Schaub a “Dork With a Frat Bro Vocabulary,” Or Possibly Vice Versa, We Only Read The Headline

Either way, yes, indeed.

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The drunken brawl of words between UFC president Dana White and Brandon Schaub has seen its latest iteration arise out of the recent fight card scramble at UFC 279, causing one to correctly accuse the other of being a “dork with a frat bro vocabulary” according to a Bloody Elbow headline. Mixed Martial Artish staff are currently unable to confirm which of the mental tinnitusans made the statement, as efforts to read the blog in full failed, with the collection of many quotes gathered by a game Milan OrdoƱez each causing our journalists’ brains to shut off entirely in an act of pure defiance before the first punctuation arrived. We will continue to monitor this story as it develops, but at this time can only confirm that the statement was the most accurate thing its creator has ever said or written.

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