Anti Cancel Culture Gym Bans Members for Sharing Information on Prominent Affiliate’s Abuse Accusation

These scumbag students have no loyalty.

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A local mixed martial arts school has taken a strong stance against the life-ruining effects of cancel culture by issuing bans to students who violated a prohibition on the discussion of, and call for actions about, the credible abuse accusations leveled at an affiliate school’s head instructor. The gym’s owner avowed that the members of the gym are like a family, and as such, it would be disloyal to show anything but love and forgiveness to the embattled grappler, and that any members who couldn’t follow that expectation were no longer welcome to set foot in the gym or any of its affiliates. He added that the time to pick your side is now, and that the grievous actions of those who violate the sanctity of the badge by sharing screenshots of abusive text messages sent by the black belt, and police reports filed by his alleged victim, will not be forgiven or forgotten so long as he and his peers have anything to say about it.

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