Exclusive: Inside the Secret Plan to Ban Fight Sports Athletes From ADCC

Haisam “The Banhammer” Rida

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Many Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fans and athletes expressed disappointment and anger this past weekend as several culprits in the Fight Sports rape and pedophilia cover-up scandal participated in ADCC 2022, the sport’s premier No-Gi event, despite head organizer Mo Jassim having taken a prominent position as a visible figurehead of the pushback against the spate of abuse in the sport, but exclusive Mixed Martial Artish reporting reveals how those upset got it all wrong. While it may seem like another example of those with power in the sport being all talk about protecting the vulnerable until it comes time to do anything about it themselves, we can confirm that there was actually a plan in place to block the guilty parties from the event, and it was so simple in its execution as to be beautiful — Haisam Rida would simply thoroughly and entirely dominate them, booting them from the competition in embarrassing fashion.

Fans who tuned in and paid careful attention may have even seen this plan in effect as Rida eliminated Cyborg Abreu via armbar in the opening round. Unfortunately, the plan did not go off entirely smoothly. Rida came in severely over the 88kg limit required to enforce the ban on Vagner Rocha, leaving Jassim and company helpless to do anything to stop Rocha from receiving an endless stream of praise on the broadcast as he earned $3,000 for his third-place finish.

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