MMA World Stunned as Dana White Lies Shamelessly About Zuckerberg

If even Dana lies, who can we believe?

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Long considered one of the foundational pillars of mixed martial arts, Dana White’s credibility may have taken a blow this past weekend as Meta ruler Mark Zuckerberg sat Octagon-side for his private UFC card despite White’s previous claim that such rumors were “bullshit.” News of the potential cause for the in-house-media blackout first broke when main-eventer Mackenzie Dern shared Zuckerberg’s rental, and that discovering that they would be fighting before a crowd consisting of one-and-a-half people, along with their assorted helper minions, was not ideal for fighters on the card. The claims were quickly and unequivocally put to bed by White, however, leaving everyone watching at home positively stunned to discover that, actually, it appeared White was lying and Dern was the one telling the truth!

It can take a lifetime to build a reputation for veracity, and just a moment to throw it away, so it will be interesting to see what this event does to White and his otherwise-perfect record of accurate fact provision.

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