Aaron Pico Excited for Impending Meme Fame the Next Time LeBron Rolls an Ankle

Eat your heart out, Tua

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After dislocating his shoulder early in his Bellator bout this weekend, then working frantically between rounds to reset the injury and continue the fight, Aaron Pico is eagerly awaiting the start of the NBA season so people can juxtapose his actions against LeBron James the next time the basketball star is injured. Pico said that every athlete in sports like football, hockey and mixed martial arts really just gets into it for the opportunity to show that they are tougher than basketball and soccer players, and to have their horrific injuries used as a bludgeon for fans of those sports to use against their chosen hated superstar. He was especially excited because of how great those comparison memes are due to the nearly identical cost/benefit analysis between a fighter competing in a few bouts a year where half their pay depends on winning and their opponent can continue to attack them if they go down in response to an injury, and a January basketball game against the Sacramento Kings.

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