Jake Paul Card to Feature UFC Veteran as Cause of Unnecessary Brain Trauma in Refreshing Twist on Classic

Tune in to find out if kickboxing or football is the better base for boxing.

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The latest fight announcement for the upcoming boxing pay-per-view headlined by Anderson Silva taking on Jake Paul offers a delightful new twist with the former UFC fighter, middleweight Uriah Hall, set to be the one who delivers a knockout that makes you feel all gross inside about the continued brain trauma of its recipient, former NFL running back LeVeon Bell. Hall, a 28-fight mixed martial arts veteran, will square off against Bell, a two-time All-Pro in football, in a contest believed to be taking place inside of a boxing ring and not on a football field, with the aim of bludgeoning each other into unconsciousness, not hitting a dope stiff-arm and running away. The fight will be particularly pleasing to MMA fans who are also shitty Steeler fans who reveled in Bell’s career tailing off after a hold-out season in which the dynamic and game-changing back attempted to get a bigger contract on the silly belief that, in a short-lived career like football, it was important for him to secure his financial future while he still could to set himself up for a safe and enjoyably retirement.

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