MMA Fan Let Down for 97th Consecutive Time


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Continuing a streak that began when he first saw a “fun little Irish fellow” make his UFC debut while out at a bar one night, MMA fan Chuck Wiggins has been let down by the behavior of his 97th-straight favorite UFC fighter as Bantamweight champion Aljamain Sterling took pictures with, then doubled down on defending, that angry face you always see on your dickhead roommate’s phone. Sterling added that he doesn’t blame rape victims, but also, you know, if you think about it, what are they doing being so hot and alone when there are bad men out there?

Although disappointed about once again having his hopes dashed about a fighter being pretty neat based on their high levels of talent and fun personality, he’s sure to run out of bad luck eventually. Until then, he’s on the lookout for a new favorite fighter and seemed to remember someone calling out Pat Barry’s grooming so maybe that’ll work out for him.

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