5 Surprising Do’s and 5 Don’ts of the UFC Fighter’s Code of Conduct

Important rules for every aspiring fighter to understand.

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The recent announcement that the UFC would no longer allow its fighters to bet on UFC fights was met by fans met with a collective “wait, that was allowed before?” In order to help our readers better understand the rules and standards of the organization, we’ve compiled a list of some key acts the UFC forbids and allows for its independent contractors.

5 Things You CAN Do While Under UFC Contract

  • Go two knuckles deep on your opponent’s eye
  • Hang out with genocidal dictators and sing their praises
  • Discuss which of your co-workers are bangable on a podcast
  • Appear in video games, toy ranges and clothing lines (with the UFC’s full discretion and financial benefit)
  • Use unique and proprietary apps to track your location at every second of every day

5 Things You Must NEVER Do While Under UFC Contract

  • Call Dana White “Boxercise Bobby”
  • Use racist, homophobic, transphobic or sexist language outside of a fight promotion or “boys being boys” setting while not holding an official UFC ranking
  • Anything a reasonable arbiter might use to deem a fighter “fun” or “unique”
  • Acknowledge the existence of other sports
  • See a clinically trained physician about your broken dick

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